Wait...I have five more minutes!

"Welcome to Amanda's five minutes. Thanks for spending this time with me as we go through a series of treatments and surgeries to kick the butt of Breast Cancer...why 5 minutes? I always need five more minutes to clarify a conversation, to make my point, to drive to an appointment, to grocery shop. I live in that 5 minutes close call on being almost too late but almost always on time! Now, every next five minutes is the survival of my life. This is about a transformation of priorities, a journey of God meeting me in the middle, laughing as I go, and learning how to relax and get well. I just got a knock at the door, guess what my response was...Five more minutes!"

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Hope all is well with you!  I had a CT scan this morning and it's ALL CLEAR!!! My next one is in November!

All is going well. Living my crazy normal life. Since I posted, I gained my 10lb lost and now I've started a new plan to lose 10-15lb again. :) This is a good thing prior to football season starting!  Maybe, just maybe, I will stick to this new plan! Other than that, my son turned 10 years old this month and I got to bake his cake as I have done each year. I cried when I had the chance to do it again this year. It's the little things I appreciate.

For me, I have resumed a normal life. I have bouts of deep thoughts, emotional moments, but mostly I have a fun, loving life where I adore my friends and family and always look for the next event, festival, opportunity to cookout.

When I am uncertain or just not sure I can handle the stress or heaviness of the situation, I do one thing...I pray. God relieves me of my anxiety and fear. God takes care of me. He puts everything in perspective for me.

Love to you. Hope all is well in your world. And you are in good health!

Xoxo Amanda

Monday, May 8, 2017

CT Scan Today

Hi. :) Today is my CT scan checkup. I am sitting here in waiting room. Already drank my 2 16oz milkshakes and no coffee yet this Monday morning. I also have treatment today. I have been doing well! Here are some updates...

-I turned 41 years old since I last post! Yay for birthdays!
-I decided to not run the half marathon. But this goal is not totally off my radar yet.
-Been eating better and have probably lost about 10lb only from removing a few bad habits.
-Had my hair trimmed and colored on 5/4. Have some gray to cover up :) not fully ready to come out of my blondie wigs.  I was about 4-6 weeks later last time I went back for first hair appt. jumped the gun a little bit.
-Life has been my normal chaos with balance of work and home. This is good.
-Current treatments of Perjeta and Herceptin every 3 weeks is going ok. I am tired within about a 48 hour time frame after treatment. I find that do have to stop and nap. And I am not a napper! But this helps.

I will report back on my scan report today. Xoxo!! Love to you!

Got the results... CLEAR scan. :) next one is August 2017!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Update! ALL CLEAR!

Hi!!! Scan was CLEAR!!!!! Yahoo!!!!

Meds without chemo seemed uneventful on 2/13. Certainly was not sick like with chemo. I still have issues with hair, neuropathy. Hoping that gets better soon. I still have vision problems many times, it's like double vision. I am having an MRI on Wed to check my brain. At the very least we will know if there are any real problems there. I don't anticipate anything other than an all clear. I will report back.

Overall strength is horrible. I am sore right now and have not done any major exercise. Physical strength has been a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I have been exercising but it's mostly walking. Jogging is incredibly hard at the moment. I'm also batting 50% on the clean eating ordeal. I am eating chicken nuggets and fries as I write this. Fried chicken and French fries are a major downfall for me. The way I see it is that there is always tomorrow to start fresh, I don't have to eat it all, and I deserve it. It's a constant battle in my head. Ha!

I realize this is not very inspiring. Hope to have a much better report next time. Maybe I will be jogging and have lost a few lbs by then...  (I am not eating more than half my fries! The right side of my brain won this one! Haha!!)

Lots of love to my angels. Xoxo

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Let's Do This!!!!!!

Today is February 1, 2017.  Today marks the upswing from the last treatment on 1/23.  It also marks the day that I am focusing on eating healthy and exercising.  My body feels like it has aged 15 years just in the last 8 months.  My body will never go back to what it was.  Now, I have no choice but to force myself, like never before, to embrace eating better and exercising.  Don't get me wrong, its not always a struggle to do what is right, but it is a fight, no doubt. 

Today begins a new journey to do what is right.  I am not going to focus on low carb or low calorie plans as I have in the past.  They are either way too high in fat or way too little for me.  My focus will be clean eating.  This will include fruits, vegetables and pork, poultry, fish.  I don't eat red meat and haven't since I was 19 years old. I haven't decided how to deal with ice cream cravings, yet. ha!  Right now, I am not having a craving, so we will count this as good. 

My exercising will include walking and working up to jogging very soon and running soon after that.  My goal is to run a half marathon on April 29th, 2017.  Today, I walked 2.4 miles, did 10 girly push ups, did 2 reps of 15 crunches and only 30 100's, in this case it was 30's (if you don't know what this is, its ok, I'll explain another time)- to build up core strength.  I am on the right track as of this minute.

I look forward to what I write on May 1, 2017. I will tell you one thing, yes it is a struggle, but when I really want something, and I am really fighting for it, I turn to prayer and seek God's help in helping me make the impossible possible.  So reassuring and breathtaking... for someone so unworthy like myself doesn't disqualify me from His love and promise. Boom, drop the mic! He is so Mighty!!!

With that, let's do this!!  I will be posting soon.  CT scan is 2/13.  Will definitely report back for that if not sooner!


Monday, January 23, 2017

Chemo #12 LAST ONE!!! Aaahhh!!

Waiting now for my last chemo treatment. Can you believe it!? I thought for sure I would be done in October. I have learned a lot of patience to make it to Jan 23. And then to make it thru next couple of weeks and I will be the real me in no time!!!! 

Here is my next things-- My next CT scan is 2/13. Blood work, seeing Rachel and intravenous meds Herceptin and Perjeta will be this day as well and continue every three weeks. We want scans to remain clear forever, just to be clear lol. :):) 

I have big dreams of exercise and eating right once I begin bouncing back end of Feb. I cannot think about it anymore. I must do it and I will do it. 

My family went to Florida last week and it was so needed. I haven't looked forward to something so much in a long time. It was relaxing and a good boost to get thru next weeks. Recovery is taking longer each time. 

As I sit here waiting on chemo chair, this little lady who is probably at least 85 yrs old is so insporing to me right now. She is spunky. She asked her sons if the Super Bowl was happening and said she is usually more involved in watching playoffs. Lol. I love her. She had comments about Trump as well that made me smile. I like the way she thinks (I can't tell you which way as this is not the platform for that and not my style). She then offered a piece of chocolate to her son and he said I am not eating chocolate- eating low carb now. She laughed at him and said I just got a "big fat bag of chocolate".  God love her!

Love you and thank you for following me and your consistent prayers and thoughts for me. 

Love from one of your favorite cancer survivors always fighting for life, for truth, for the day, for joy in everything... we got this. ( I just sat in my chemo chair- got my favorite one today-Corner with windows. :))

Xoxo Amanda 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Chemo #11 done. ONE more to go...

Hi!  Happy New Year!! I hope you had a great Christmas!! I had a great Christmas. I was a little behind and some of it didn't come out perfectly- but it was fine! We really enjoyed a ton of Chris's family who was in. On Christmas Eve, Santa left a gift on our front porch. It's not that me or my family are in need but it was Christmas cheer brought to my home. I don't know who or what group of people came together to make this happen, but it was a huge gift and brought so much joy to us!! I have the YETI cooler sitting in my living room and it will stay there. :) I will continue to.pay this forward. Thank you Santa!!!! I am so grateful, I framed the card. My family is reminded of generosity and giving through your gift. Thank you!

Over the holiday, we also got to celebrate Chris retiring from Lex PD Homicide...finally!

I completed chemo #11 yesterday (Tues 1/3). I have ONE more chemo on 1/23!  This will be a break until it comes back. I know we are all very positively thinking that the cancer will not come back and this may be the case. But reality says it will return in maybe the next year or two or three. I am convinced that I will at least have one good year before it returns. :) I am very happy to be off of chemo! I will continue two meds intravenously every three weeks but don't mistake this for "chemo". These are drugs that will help stop the cancer from growing. Chemo kills cells. These other drugs will stop the cancer cells from talking to each other thru it's little tentacles, so that they will starve and die off.  And most importantly, I will feel good with little side effects.

My doctor put me on these 12 treatments which was a lot and more than most because she said that it was life threatening with the shortness of breath and near lungs.

I have decided to not do a second opinion until the cancer comes back.

I should be 100% by end of February. I am comitting to run a half marathon on April 29tb- assuming my muscles feel like they bounce back normally.  I will be in full swing at work. I am excited! I am determined. I am not saddened by the fact the cancer could come back. I am rejuvenated that I can be done with chemo for a while. I have adjusted to the fact that cancer is my reality and will always be a part of my life. I will live every 3 months hopeful for a clear CT scan for my forever. My next one is due in February. And then May. And then August. And then November and so on. Clear scans will be a gift from God. He can be trusted in this. He is ALWAYS good. My peace, my comfort come from His heart. I know no peace on my own. Its our prayers that he hears and that sustain me.

I think I have covered the latest updates. I am grateful for you, my friends and my family and those who read this and care for me who don't even know me.

Thanks for being on this journey with me. I will continue to update as I can and as I have more info.

Lots of love from my heart to yours.

Xoxo Amanda

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Chemo #10 and upates 12/14/16

Another 3 weeks have gone by.  I have a few updates. 

I had treatment #10 on Monday 12/12.  I am on my downhill starting today Wed thru Saturday or so. 

My doctor said that we are doing 2 more treatments, so that my last one would be January 23. However, its not my last one.  She said it is my last one for a break and that I will be resuming chemo in the near future.  She couldn't say exactly when at the moment.  I am still convinced that she thinks new meds are coming out and wants to keep this regimen that is working.  Its a bit of blow to my spirit but as long as I know what I have to do and what I have to prepare for, then I will continue to fight the fight that is before me. 

My side effects from treatment are taking a toll.  I have blurred vision that keeps getting worse.  Many times, the fatigue is from the actual chemo and my body is relatively strong, however, my body is now starting to get tired.  Muscles are weak. 

I was in a "moment" this morning and got this reminder from my Bible app... "This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.  And if we know that he hears us- whatever we ask- we know that we have what we asked of him."  1 John 5:14-15.  Sounds complicated, but it just means to let Him know our concerns, ask big prayers, give Him our worries and He will give us rest and peace.

Thank you for your prayers, notes, thoughts for me and my family.

I love that its Christmas time.  I look forward to fun new memories of the season.  I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2017!