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"Welcome to Amanda's five minutes. Thanks for spending this time with me as we go through a series of treatments and surgeries to kick the butt of Breast Cancer...why 5 minutes? I always need five more minutes to clarify a conversation, to make my point, to drive to an appointment, to grocery shop. I live in that 5 minutes close call on being almost too late but almost always on time! Now, every next five minutes is the survival of my life. This is about a transformation of priorities, a journey of God meeting me in the middle, laughing as I go, and learning how to relax and get well. I just got a knock at the door, guess what my response was...Five more minutes!"

Monday, May 8, 2017

CT Scan Today

Hi. :) Today is my CT scan checkup. I am sitting here in waiting room. Already drank my 2 16oz milkshakes and no coffee yet this Monday morning. I also have treatment today. I have been doing well! Here are some updates...

-I turned 41 years old since I last post! Yay for birthdays!
-I decided to not run the half marathon. But this goal is not totally off my radar yet.
-Been eating better and have probably lost about 10lb only from removing a few bad habits.
-Had my hair trimmed and colored on 5/4. Have some gray to cover up :) not fully ready to come out of my blondie wigs.  I was about 4-6 weeks later last time I went back for first hair appt. jumped the gun a little bit.
-Life has been my normal chaos with balance of work and home. This is good.
-Current treatments of Perjeta and Herceptin every 3 weeks is going ok. I am tired within about a 48 hour time frame after treatment. I find that do have to stop and nap. And I am not a napper! But this helps.

I will report back on my scan report today. Xoxo!! Love to you!

Got the results... CLEAR scan. :) next one is August 2017!

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